Baraka mkuna

Baraka mkuna

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I'm a software developer based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, specializing in building mobile apps, consider myself full-stack developer but I tend to work more on the front-end. I enjoy building software, investigating new technologies and general software development.

Latest Projects


ECTS App - Designed for Web technologies (T) Ltd.

ECTS App is EFD machine app for provide sales receipt and collect sales data of electronic cargo tracking devices provided by web technologies (T) Ltd at the dar es salaam ports.

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SCHOOLINFO provide secure and scalable communication platform for schools And other education instituion;this enables integration of multiple value added technology solutions between schools and parents.SCHOOLINFO with its mobile technology core, bridges the digital divide between the school and parents by bringing convenience in exchanging information, communication in a simple environment.It fulfills the schools need for an easy, scalable and economical solution which is future proof and can integrate with upcoming technologies.

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Work Experience

Software Developer - Web technologies (T) Ltd (Mar 2018 - Present)

Working on multiple different projects for Web technologies (T) Ltd. Working on mobile apps development, develop EFD machine software etc.

Co-Founder & Lead Developer - Smartcomm (2015 - Present)

Found and lead a software development company called Smartcomm. Working on different client project as well as internal company project management.

ICT trainee - Kilimanjaro international airport (Feb 2015 - Apr 2015)

Working on different ICT duties at Kilimanjaro international airport include: Troubleshooting and maintaining of various security system in airport include cctv camera, x-ray cargo scanning machine and metal detecting doors. Installation, maintaining and troubleshooting of computer Network.